Theatre Symposium Brno

Tendencies in Contemporary Theatre Directing 
and Theatre-directing Education

in memoriam prof. PhDr. Josef Kovalčuk

Registration for Speakers



8.30–9.30 Registration

9.30–9.50 Symposium Opening

9.50–10.20 Keynote Speech - PAWEŁ MOŚCICKI

Pedagogy of Tensions

10.20–10.40 Discussion (Chair: David Drozd)

10.40–11.40 Key Figures of Contemporary Theatre Directing 

Chair: David Drozd
Wojciech Baluch 
Krystian Lupa’s Directing in the Light of the New Humanities
Adam Czirak 
Hungarian Director’s Theatre beyond the Post-dramatic Turn
Erhard Ertel
Directing as/or Common Work Process? Thoughts on Theatre Work at Frank Castorf‘s Volksbühne 1992-2017 

11.40–12.10 Discussion

12.10–12.30 Coffee break

12.30–13.30 The Many Faces of Thomas Ostermeier

Chair: Klára Škrobánková
Jitka Goriaux Pelechová
Thomas Ostermeier’s Inductive Method or The Art of Communication with the Actors 
Victoria Volkova
The Birth of an “Unnameable Something” from a “Genuine Encounter”: A Portrait of Thomas Ostermeier as an Inventor of the “Storytelling” Rehearsing Method
Peter M. Boenisch 
Towards a Realist Truth: Thomas Ostermeier’s Directing Method as Artistic and Pedagogic Technique 

13.30–14.00 Discussion

14.00–15.30 Lunch break

15.30–16.30 Challenges of Contemporary Directing I.

Chair: Klára Škrobánková
Igor de Almeida Silva 
Directing a Remake: A Brazilian Experience
Otto Kauppinen
Mental Activation of Spectator in Contemporary European Political Theatre
Attila Antal
Complexity of Thinking - Towards a Total Theatre

16.30–17.00 Discussion

17.00–17.20 Coffee break

17.20–18.00 Challenges of Contemporary Directing II.

Chair: Lucia Repašská
Juraj Nvota
How not to Kill the Spontaneity of Ideas and Sense of Mischief-making during Studies
Paul Bourne
Directing in a Foreign Language

18.00–18.20 Discussion

18.20 Reception


9.30–10.00 Keynote Speech - ĽUBOMÍR VAJDIČKA

Deconstruction as a Subject of the Pedagogical Process or Deconstruction of the Pedagogical Process?

10.00–10.20 Discussion (Chair: David Drozd)

10.20–10.50 Keynote Speech - MĀRA ĶIMELE

How to Teach a Director?
English translation: Zane Kreicberga

10.50–11.10 Discussion (Chair: Lucia Repašská)

11.10–11.30 Coffee break

11.30–12.10 Power Relations and/in Theatre

Chair: Jan Motal
Richard Pettifer
The New Direction: Boal, Bishop, and the Complex Expression of Power
Andrei Zagorodnikov 
“The Creative Cauldron”

12.10–12.30 Discussion

12.30–14.30 Lunch break

14.30–15.00 Power relation II.

Chair: Naďa Satková
Manuela Ferreira / Tiago Porteiro 
AQUISTAS – In Situ Performance – a Case Study

15.00–15.10 Discussion

15.10–16.10 Rethinking Theatre-Directing Education

Chair: Šimon Peták
Ivo Krobot
Pedagogic Direction – Pedagogue of the Directors
Bilge Serdar Göksülük
“Soma” – A New Body Phenomenon: Somatic Practices in Theatre Directing and Director Training
Břetislav Rychlík 
Directing as a Study of the Field, not Training to Be a Directo

16.10–16.40 Discussion

16.40–17.00 Coffee break

17.00–18.30 ROUND TABLE - Towards New Theatre-Directing Education

Chair: Lucia Repašská
Speakers: Peter M. Boenisch, Paul Bourne, Linda Dušková, Bilge Serdar Göksülük, Uršula Teržan 

18.30 Reception


 Programme for download: Tendencies in Contemporary Theatre Directing and Theatre-directing Education Programme